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THE COMPANY GUARANTEES THAT: Any material defect in the products manufactured by the company and used in the works undertaken shall be made good by either repair or replacement (at the discretion of the company) for a period of 10 years from and including the Guarantee start date subject always to the following conditions;


1 this guarantee only applies to groundworks areas we have laid.

2 the company shall have no liability under this guarantee until the contract has been completed and full payment has being received.

3 the company shall be under no liability in respect of

3.1 Any defect arising from fair wear and tear, wilful damage negligence, abnormal working conditions, misuse, alteration, staining or the use of sealant.

3.2 failure of the customer to follow the company's instructions issued oral or in writing.

3.3 any use which is not reasonably ancillary to that of a private domestic property.

3.4 products not supplied or manufactured by AM Landscaping and driveway specialists ltd.

4 The company shall not have any liability for movement, expansion or contraction or other natural occurrence of subsoil or base product due to changes in temperature, water content, tree root activity or other natural occurrence outside the company's control.

5 The company shall have no liability for efflorescence, which may in early life of the products cause reduction in the intensity of the colour. Efflorescence is a temporary phenomenon and does not affect the performance of the product. The company liability under this guarantee shall be limited to repair or replacement (at the company's complete discretion) Of the part of the domestic installation which contains defective product to which the terms of this guarantee apply. Where the company considers it to be necessary the company will pay the reasonable cost of uplift and disposal of defective products and relay of replacement products

6 While the company shall endeavour to make good any remedial work in a colour pattern and finish the same as that originally supplied the company does not guarantee that any repair or replacement product will be an exact match or recreation due to the effects of natural weathering, non availability of materials or cessation of product lines

7 The company shall have no liability under this guarantee unless the customer shall have served on the company written notice of the defect complained of the original approved installer within 7 days of the customer of first becoming aware of the same

8 The entire aggregate liability under or in connection with this guarantee shall not exceed the contractor's priced paid in respect of the products

9 This guarantee shall be governed by the laws of england


Keep this guarantee save as this is required when making a claim, please also sign your guarantee registration form and return to AM Landscaping and Driveway Specialists LTDin order to validate your 10 year guarantee


Many thanks A.Mitchell

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